Year 1 Architecture Students get their hands dirty

This week the year 1 architecture students have been highly productive in the casting suite. They are getting their hand dirty (and also in most cases their hair, face, shoes, entire workshop!) and learning about the making processes. They have been working with Rob Britt this week, our talented and supportive workshop technician. Students are considering architectural composition, architectonic language, and even structures through how they are considering the suspension of the models within a frame. The cubes are already taking on a life of their own and students are taking pride and ownership of their work driven by the process of making. We can’t wait to start cutting these beauties up to reveal whats inside!!

The volume models get placed within a casting cube!
The lads ready to make a mess
Daft punk !
Seems like someones trying to get out!
Just nine of 50!
A very well crafted example of the volumetric model suspended within a frame.
Doras drawing of the parts of her model.